Providing Jewish Community

The Central Queens Jewish Community Circle was founded by Rebbetzin Mushky Mendelson to provide a vehicle for fostering Jewish community for all, from the youngest children and their families to our senior citizens and holocaust survivors.  Our goal is to comfort and involve the lonely, feed the hungry and  provide sustenance for the soul as well.  Our projects have included Shavuot cheesecakes, children's creative packages, Shabbat and holiday gifts, meaningful visits to seniors and Challah packages for Rosh Hashanah.

We are neither the first, nor the only Jewish Community Organization in Queens, but we are different in that we seek to reach out with love to the lonely and forgotten and provide meaningful interactions that don't feel like just another social service.


Mission: Outreach to Neighbors With Love

We connect our neighbors with basic care and resources such as referrals for food, mental health professionals, and community support organizations. We also coordinate a weekly distribution of clothing for those in need.

We look out for our neighbors in need, who are lonely or homebound by delivering gift packages for Holidays and occasional pick me ups. With your help, in the form of donations or volunteer work, we hope to send weekly challah packages to those in need.

While light spiritual coaching is a free service that we offer to the community, please realize that we are not licensed mental health professionals or a crisis hotline.  We offer referrals for situations that are outside of our scope of expertise.

We started CQJCC with the intent to provide emotional support to the “forgotten” member of our community, but our mission became very clear during the COVID shutdown: reach out to neighbors with love. Prior to the shutdown, we distributed 100 Chanukah menorah packages to lonely neighbors. The smiles and appreciative messages we received reinforced to us that many of our neighbors are in need of love. They love to know that someone is thinking of them.

During the shutdown, we distributed 100 cheesecakes for Shavuot that were sponsored by community members and friends. We hope to continue to distribute meaningful holiday gifts to our most isolated, homebound, and lonely neighbors as well as children's creative packages to keep the children constructively occupied.

We are based in Forest Hills, but also service our neighbors in Rego Park.

Our Founder, Mushky Mendelson

Mushky Mendelson photo
Mushky Mendelson has been a Rebbetzin in Congregation Machane Chodosh for the last 10 years. This has given her access to see how important community is, especially for those who are isolated, homebound or going through a rough time. With the power of community, we can have a direct impact into another person's wellbeing and success.
As a mother of 7 children, she is also passionate about living with intent, managing stress, priorities and being organized. As a professional organizer, she helps clients be more organized in their time and space. She loves to connect with people and cheer them on in their journey of life. She is a firm believer in the power of knowing yourself, surrounding yourself with people who know you and believe in you, and challenging ourselves to make every day better than yesterday.

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We Can't Do It Alone...

This labor of love is so fulfilling for all who participate in it, from our founder to our volunteers to the recipients of our programs, but we need your help.  We need volunteers, because many hands make light work, and we need donations so we can continue to serve those in need, as we never charge for our programs.

Your support is crucial to the success of our work.  Please consider volunteering or making a donation.

CQJCC is a registered 501c3 charity.


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